WHO IS C.V.L. Restore?

I'm Liviu Chelban. I've been working with leather for over 25 years and have a passion for oldtimers and motorcycles myself. Precision, calm and care are extremely important to me. In the time of C.V.L. Restore, I restored over 50 cars (as a complete project) and over 100 motorcycles. Every project and every single part is handcrafted work and made in our 100sqm workshop with a lot of love and passion. I attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers, we are open to the wishes and ideas of our customers, but we are also happy to be creative ourselves and give your project that certain something.

We ARE C.V.L. Restore


Your passion is our project!


Since 2017, we've been restoring vehicles and motorcycles or giving new cars an individual touch. We work very closely with our customers. We know oldtimers, motorcycles and individual cars are a great passion of our costumers. We share our passion for extraordinary vehicles, motorcycles and good work with our customers.

We are proud on the fact that every step in our work is handcraftet. Our quality standards and the expactations of our customers are extremely high and we work with a lot of passion and dedication to meet them every day.